Re: Login Loop

Re: Login Loop

am 30.03.2008 13:22:46 von David Wang

On Mar 27, 1:46=A0pm, BigSam wrote:
> On our web server we have a virtual web site used to validate processes pr=
> to moving them into actual production. One of the steps we've taken is to
> require a user ID & password. We are able to login fine, but after a page =
> 2 we are challenged again for the user ID & password. My developers insist=

> this is a configuration issue, but I tend to disagree. What causes the
> sign-in challenge to re-appear?
> We're running W2k3, SP2 with up-to-date Windows Updates.
> The security settings are Integrated Windows Authentication & Basic
> Authentication.

Re-appearing login prompts are never issues with the web server
because auto-login is a client-side optimization for authentication.

Thus, unless your developers added in custom authentication of their
own, your issue is either with the browser, the networking layer
between the browser and server, your configuration of the web server,
or the AD used by the web server.

The most direct way to prove where the problem lies is to obtain a
network-trace of the HTTP request/response that result in the
unexpected sign-in challenge. There are other ways, but they are all
indirect, and I do not recommend wasting time with indirect methods.