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#1: Re: Using IISState

Posted on 2008-03-31 21:49:51 by patfilot

You can see the reset timout in the IIS MMC.

Running IISState for days does not tax the system. It basically is just
sitting waiting on a signal (i.e. it doesn't poll).


"Jake" <> wrote in message
> Where is the reset limit set? Or is it pre-defined limit?
> Is there some other monitoring tool that I could use to help me
> determine what is going on with IIS? The sysadmin who sent me the log
> said that he didn't think he could get a dump going faster than he did
> this time and so we might not be able to get a complete log ever. If
> we were to run iisstate in -sc mode, does leaving that running for
> days at a time (usually this occurs once every 8-9 days) tax the
> server?
> thanks so much for your responses so far.
> jake
> On Mar 28, 12:35 pm, "Pat [MSFT]" <patfi...@online.MICROSOFT.COM>
> wrote:
>> It should just reset the process and keep things moving. There isn't a
>> standard reason for it not to return, other than perhaps if the reset
>> limit
>> has been reached.
>> Pat
>> "Jake" <> wrote in message
>> On Mar 27, 6:28 pm, "Pat [MSFT]" <patfi...@online.MICROSOFT.COM>
>> wrote:
>> > IIS reset itself out from under IISState before all of the threads
>> > could
>> > be
>> > logged. No actionable data, though the server did appear to be under
>> > very
>> > little load (free worker threads).
>> > Pat
>> > "Jake" <> wrote in message
>> >news:519936bd-8593-49b2-9817-193ccf97c22f@x41g2000hsb.googl
>> > > Ok, it happened again ... here's the log:

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