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#1: IIS Password Change solution documentation ? How to use anot3.asp ?(security banner ?)

Posted on 2008-04-04 11:55:41 by pascal


I would like to use IIS Password changes solution but I dont find a lot
of documentation.

Indeed, there are several pages but I didn't find any documentation
explaining which files is for what ?

1. What is the anot3.asp and how can I use it as it is a warning
webpage it should be used automatically when the password is about to
expire, no ?

2. I can see that in the achg.asp page, the Request.QueryString is used
for the "Back To" link so we can use this method by another manner than
by directly connecting to https://website/iispasswd/aexp2b.asp ?
(because if I am directly connectly, the "back to" link is refering to
https://website/iispasswd where there is no default.html file by

Thank you

Thank you


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