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#1: Re: IMAP Email Outside the USA?

Posted on 2008-04-04 21:24:33 by Justin

Peter Peters wrote:
> Mark Crispin wrote on 26-3-2008 20:37:
>> What you describe are restraints upon *corporate* conduct; and, in the
>> latter case, a convenient excuse for not acting upon spam complaints.
>> Neither have anything to do with what government authorities may do.
>> They make the rules, and are quite capable of creating loopholes in
>> those rules for themselves.
> Germany has a (special?) court that checks whether new laws are allowed
> within the boundaries of the constitution. Most other lands don't have
> something like that. In The Netherlands judges aren't even allowed to
> take the constitution into consideration when judging in a case. They
> are only allowed to use the criminal laws. They have to trust the
> government not to make unconstitutional laws.
> Peter

I guess now is a bad time to say I suggest and to my
European friends.
I switched to Lavabit.
I figured it is best to stick with a US server in case some fisherman
snags another sea cable.
So for now the only thing preventing me from getting my email is a cable
getting snagged by a backhoe.

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