East Tennessee Cyber Security Summit - Call for Papers

East Tennessee Cyber Security Summit - Call for Papers

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East Tennessee Cyber Security Summit - Call for Papers
Tuesday October 21, 2008 - Wednesday October 22, 2008
Knoxville, TN

2008 is the 4th anniversary of the East Tennessee Cyber Security
Summit and we hope to provide thought provoking presentations that
will inspire the local security community. We would like submissions
that will not only be entertaining, but provide information our
attendees can use to improve their job performance and their careers.
Some of the main areas of interest include, but are not limited to:
* Cryptography - Protecting mobile data
* Forensics/Malware Analysis - Reverse Engineering, Incident
* Vulnerability Discovery/Exploit Creation - Fuzzing etc.
* Application Vulnerabilities - Secure coding practices/vulnerability
* Control Systems/SCADA Security - Securing National Infrastructure

Submission Guidelines:
Proposals should be submitted in English no later than June 20, 2008.
Presentations must be educational/informative in nature and should run
~45 minutes in length. Presentations must be vendor neutral; no sales
pitches. We do not compensate speakers, however we will reimburse for
travel and hotel expenses. To be considered by the review committee,
please provide the following:
1. Title of your presentation
2. Presentation Proposal - (~200 Words).
a. Describe the topic you will be presenting in concise
b. Why would your subject be of interest to the attendees?
3. Biography - (~100 words).
a. Written in 3rd person.
b. Describe your professional work experience/speaking

Submissions should be sent to: submissions AT etcybersummit DOT org

Committee Review
Submissions will be reviewed by the selection committee per the
guidelines above, failure to submit all requested information will
result in your submission being rejected. The selection committee
will send out acceptance and rejection letters no later than July 18,

Final Submissions
Selected presenters will be expected to provide the following by the
dates specified in each section:
1. Presentation Abstract (~150 Words)
a. The abstract will be published on the website along
with the speaker bio.
b. Provided no later than August 1, 2008.
2. Presentation slides
a. A projector and laptop will be provided for displaying
b. Presentations should be ~45 minutes in length.
c. Please provide presentation slides no later than
October 1, 2008.
d. Changes can be accommodated; however, we do require
presentations be submitted prior to the conference to speed
transitions between speakers.

Failure to Submit
In the event that a deadline is missed we reserve the right to revoke
any offer to present. We will also accept some offers on a provisional/
alternate basis so that if offers to present are revoked we may fill
the empty slot.