am 08.04.2008 20:33:59 von gisle

After a break of more than 1 year I've now uploaded a new release of
libwww-perl to CPAN. This is a snapshot as I'm processing the RT
bugs, and there is still many more of those to consider, so I expect
to do another release soonish. This is the first release I've made
from the new git repo at .
The best way to hack on lwp now is to install git and grab yourself a
local clone of the repo. Git rocks!

The git-shortlog of the changes that made it into 5.810 is:

Gisle Aas (10):
Small documentation issues [RT#31346]
Explain $netloc argument to $ua->credentials [RT#31969]
Make lwp-request honour option -b while dumping links [RT#31347]
Ignore params for date convenience methods [RT#30579]
Get rid of all the old CVS $Keyword:...$ templates. Set
$VERSION to 5.810.
Update Copyright year.
Drop some sample URLs that were failing.
Complement the HTTP::Status codes [RT#29619]
Don't allow HTTP::Message content to be set to Unicode strings.
Refactor test for

Ville Skytta (3):
Spelling fixes [RT#33272]
Trigger HTML::HeadParser for XHTML [RT#33271]
Escape status line in error_as_HTML, convert to lowercase [RT#33270]

Alexey Tourbin (2):
Typo fix [RT#33843]
Protocol/ postpone load of URI::Escape and
HTML::Entities [RT#33842]

Daniel Hedlund (1):
HTML::Form Module and