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#1: Copying and Saving Previous Course Info in ASP Form

Posted on 2008-04-10 21:45:09 by ll

I'm currently working with an ASP page that populates rows based on a
query for course data by using a DO WHILE NOT EOF loop.
An improvement I'm adding is a dropdown populated by query which shows
each course number, so that the user can populate that course page
with data from a previous course.
My question is: once the data from the previous course is populating
the current course page (after being selected from the aforementioned
dropdown), how can that data be saved to the current course's row in
the table? I've tried pulling the result.querystring to get the
CourseID of the current course, but for some reason the changes don't
Would there be a better way to copy data from one row to another in a
table? I am wanting the user to be able to preview the data as it
populates the form fields before saving, if possible.
If there's a good example online of this, that would be great. Thanks
for any help you might be able to provide,

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