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#1: New and not sure how to approach this?

Posted on 2008-04-09 20:47:11 by Gladstone Daniel - dglads

Good afternoon all,=20

I am new to Perl, so I ask you in advance for your indulgences.=20

I have a file of 82,000 lines in a fixed format of 130 characters on
each line, with a line feed.=20

Given the layout:=20

Field1 =3D Position 1-5
Field2 =3D Position 6-20
Field3 =3D Position 21-30=20
and so on and so on for 15 fields.=20

I want to output/convert it pipe delimited

ie: field1|field2|field3|field4 etc etc

Can someone help get me started in the right direction=20


Daniel H Gladstone=20
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