Re: pod2usage output options (correction)

Re: pod2usage output options (correction)

am 11.04.2008 15:03:41 von Code Monkey

I write a lot of Perl scripts for custom network management purposes. I am implementing
pod2usage to provide command line help. I especially like the look and feel passing my
command line help through man. I don't really care for the default center header
"User Contributed Perl Documentation" though. Have you received many requests for a way
to declare in POD the values that should be used by pod2man when it is called by pod2usage?
Specifically it would be great to be able to declare the --section, --release, --center,
--date, --official options for pod2man within the pod itself. The only way I have found to
get around this and still pass my command line help through man is to use Pod::Man to write
a man file in the local directory and then run man on the file from within my script.

I realize that this issue spans multiple modules and would require a coordinated effort for
more than one programmer. If there is an alternate forum to make this request through,
please let me know.

I already sent this as an email to Brad Appleton, who is listed as the author of pod2usage
on CPAN. He thanked me kindly and referred me back to CPAN to find the current maintainer
of pod2usage. His is the only name I found.

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