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#1: Re: My first abpg posts: Yahoo, web, Flickr, etc.

Posted on 2008-04-12 00:36:33 by Daedalus

In article <200804111139317450-sparkfizz@gmailcom>, Sparkfizz
<> wrote:

> Hey guys;
> After all these years seeing the great posts from guys like Moondier,
> Topher, etc, thought I'd post some. Not very original, but I hope
> there's some new stuff you haven't seen from the web, Flickr,
> Speedopixx (website) and Zipprrdown (Yahoo group). Have fun!
> Sparkfizz
Welcome to the club, Sparkfizz. Nice set of pix, I especially liked
the ones of the guy in the see-through speedo. Thanks.

- Blue

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