Re: IE not showing PHP-generated images, but Firefox does.

Re: IE not showing PHP-generated images, but Firefox does.

am 12.04.2008 14:53:44 von AnrDaemon

Greetings, Jerry Stuckle.
In reply to Your message dated Sunday, March 23, 2008, 00:18:23,

>>>>>> Oh quit being such an asshole.
>>>>> Surely you are not referring to... no... I can't believe it... no...
>>>>> surely not... the lovely, sensitive, Jerry Stuckle? Is this character
>>>>> doing his usual pissing competition antics?
>>>>> Boji, let me give you some advice. He is not competitor enough to waste
>>>>> your energy. He just pisses and has wooden spiels. Telling him to quit
>>>>> this would be like trying to get Saddam to personally make and serve
>>>>> breakfast to a Kurd or a Marsh Arab instead of say, gassing them.
>>>> But but but - Michael Fesser and he are in agreement. Er, sort of.
>>>> However, I really think ol' Jer is just parroting one side of an argument
>>>> just to stroke the ol' ego, so to speak. I don't give a shit, nor will I
>>>> take it; it's no more Mr. Nice Guy from now on. I know what I can do,
>>>> and while not perfect, my output beats most anything from anybody else
>>>> that I've seen. Another thing is it's fine to criticize, but without
>>>> providing some truly _constructive_ information in the process, you're
>>>> just blowing your own horn. And to wit, there are a lot of horn-blowers
>>>> here, -even fairly intelligent ones.
>>>> Thanks for the advice, do.
>> In this particular case I do really think Neredbojias is actually wrong.
>> Sorry mate but you really should not look at what the browser (or whatever)
>> says, you should look inside the file you receive.
>> However:
>>> Wrong answer, idiot. I started replying to you even before I saw Micha's
>>> post.
>> A typical Stuckle post. If anybody disagrees then he is an idiot.
>> If anybody has a different opinion then he is an idiot.
>> Even if that opinion may be based on, to the anybody, quite reasonable
>> assumptions, he is still an idiot.
>> Is this the start of yet another of your bloody pissing contests Stuckle?
>> I pity your customers Stuckle. They must be yellow, after all the pissing
>> contests they must have had with you!

> You're nothing but a troll - as proven by your post. It has absolutely
> no redeeming value. Like you.

Can I remember a CLI vs. CGI thread to You?

Sincerely Yours, AnrDaemon