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#1: Re: Watchguard Firewall - Request Denied ??

Posted on 2008-04-12 18:46:54 by spw

you create a rule to any trusted -> this ip( yahoo mail ) , with a packet
filter http.

"steve" <> escribió en el mensaje
>I hope someone uses Watchguard Firewall. I cant seem to find any
> active groups for this particular Firewall product.
> Here is my problem.
> I'm not expert on the Watchguard / Firebox 700 and am having the
> following problem.
> We log onto our paid subcription to yahoo mail. Then we click on the
> contacts tab which opens another window that gives us the addresses in
> our address book. Unfortunetely when we do this from behind the
> watchguard firewall we get the following error in the browser.
> WatchGuard firewall: Request denied for
> Unsafe URL `/mail_ca/pimnav/ab/*' denied
> The Traffic Monitor Reports This .....
> 03/24/08 11:22 http-proxy[30812]: [
> 80/mail_ca/pimnav/ab/*] Request denied:
> Unsafe URL `/mail_ca/pimnav/ab/*' denied
> The actual site in the browswer seems to be ...
> This works from computer that are not connected through the firebox.
> I'm no expert on the firewall, it has so many features its hard to
> know what to do.
> Anyway I have added the IP address above 216.109.etc to the http
> Properties/WB:Exceptions and also added it to the Proxied-Http
> WB:Exceptions but this does not seem to allow us to view our contacts.
> It gives the same message as originally listed above.
> The error message seems to be saying that the url `/mail_ca/pimnav/ab/
> *'
> is unsafe. I'm not sure where or how to allow this??
> Thank you.

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#2: Re: Watchguard Firewall - Request Denied ??

Posted on 2008-04-12 23:45:46 by Leythos

In article <>, says...
> you create a rule to any trusted -> this ip( yahoo mail ) , with a packet
> filter http.

To me, it looks like the URL is indeed invalid, and I've got a ton of WG
firebox units and don't have the listed problem with yahoo email

There should not be an * in the url.

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