Re: IE not showing PHP-generated images, but Firefox does.

Re: IE not showing PHP-generated images, but Firefox does.

am 14.04.2008 15:57:37 von Harlan Messinger

Jukka K. Korpela wrote:
> Scripsit
>> I've discovered that there is a big discrepancy
>> between how the images appear in IE7 and FF2,
>> e.g. for .
> You could start from using valid markup.

Even though there's a mistake in the markup (to the OP: the required but
absent ALT attribute), you make *yourself* look clueless. By mentioning
something unrelated to the question asked, you give the impression of
thinking a connection is possible. It isn't, of course, and I'm about as
certain as I can be that you know that.

> After validating, post the URL.
>> Namely, they appear just fine in Firefox but
>> in IE nothing appears at all.
> There's something wrong in your markup or in your image data.
> To get more specific help, give us more specific data.

Heaven forbid you should venture as a possibility the most likely answer.

>> Can anyone tell me know how to make this work
>> and whether this is a browser issue, a PHP issue,
>> or what?
> A browser does not know whether the data comes from a PHP script or from
> a "static" file or from a monkey that responds to HTTP requests.

He didn't say otherwise. He asked a question.