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#1: Strange Problem with setting metabase infomation/attaching certificate on IIS6

Posted on 2008-04-16 08:12:40 by Balaram Barange

Hello All,

I saw a strange problem while updating metabase information for IIS server.
I am programmatically assigning a certificate to website on IIS, while
attaching the certificate, I am getting an exception some times "Object
reference is not set to an instance of an object." and its not getting
caught in the try catch. and this is very peculiar since it is appears once in a while...
The strange thing is when I debug or add message boxes to reach to the exact
point of the problem. I don't see any issue, after doing a lot of
investigation I came to a conclusion that I have to add some delay before
setting the metabase properties.(SSL_CERT_HASH_ID, SSL_STORE_NAME). (I am
doing all of these from a custom action of a vs installer2005.)
And after adding this delay I dont see this problem a single time.

Has someone experience such issue or Can guide me what I am doing wrong.


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