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#1: HTMLCode in emails

Posted on 2008-04-17 15:00:20 by daniel


at the moment I'm working on my diploma thesis, my topic is HTML-Code
in emails. I should try to "hide" Javascript-, VBA-, Active-X- or html-
code in an
email so that the addressee is not able to see it - the addressee only
sees the text.

Actually I know that it's impossible to hide the code completely but
I'm talking about laypersons as addressee who don't know how to look
at the header or something like that.

My teacher would like to see what is possible over HTML-,
Javascript-, Active-X- or VBA-code and whether it's possible to
execute files or
whether it's possible to do any damage like viruses/Trojans with this

Does anybody have tips or helpful links/documents about this topic?

thanks in advance

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