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#1: RE: Still expired password changing using IISADMPWD with IIS6

Posted on 2008-04-20 20:42:00 by edlai

You did not mention whether you are using http or https. If you are using
http but aexp2b.asp uses https then the change password page will not be

Open aexp2b.asp find the line that contains https - change it to http and
save the file.

"Vic" wrote:

> Configured IIS6 on W2003 using Microsoft document :
> - created iisadmpwd virtual directory
> - registered iispwdchg.dll
> - configured metabase PasswordChangeFlags
> Users can manually get page aexp2b.asp but when a user with an expired
> password tries to acess the web site he isn't redirected to the changing
> password page. The browser keeps asking for a valid user/password and the
> IIS logs 401 error. The web server belongs to a AD domain.
> Have done the same configuration in a IIS6 on a W2003 box not in a domain
> (using local computer accounts) and it works as expected. What am I missing
> here ?
> Thanks in advance

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