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#1: FW: Lost the capacity to get paramters

Posted on 2008-04-20 15:52:28 by venefax

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Subject: Lost the capacity to get paramters

I installed a new machine with CENTOS 5 64 Bits and DBI 1.604, later svn,
DBD-Sybase 1.08, I execute this perl script


use strict;

use DBI;

my $server = "";

my $db = "minixel";

my $username = "sa";

my $password = "";

my $dbh = DBI->connect("dbi:Sybase:lucidux:1433", 'user', 'password',
{PrintError => 0});

die "Unable for connect to server $DBI::errstr"

unless $dbh;

$dbh->do("use $db");

my $query = "declare \@sessionid varchar(64), \@IPAddress varchar(40) ,
\@ReceivedNumber varchar(30) , \@ANI varchar(20) , \@protocol int ,
\@timeout int

select \@sessionid = '1120019620.8', \@IPAddress = '', \@ReceivedNumber =
'17274907253', \@ANI = '16463835040', \@protocol = 1, \@timeout = 0 exec

SoftRoutingQ \@sessionid , \@IPAddress OUTPUT, \@ReceivedNumber OUTPUT,
\@ANI OUTPUT , \@protocol OUTPUT, \@timeout OUTPUT";

my $sth = $dbh->prepare($query);


do {

while(my $dat = $sth->fetch) {

print "TYPE $sth->{syb_result_type}\n";

print "Data @$dat[0] , @$dat[1] , @$dat[2] \n";

if($sth->{syb_result_type} == 4042) { # it's a PARAM result

print "Number: $dat->[0] \n";

print "Varpar: $dat->[1] \n";



} while($sth->{syb_more_results});



The only thing that I don't get back are the 4042 type results (parameter
values). What is happening? Is it DBD or DBI or Perl? What are the steps to
troubleshoot this? I can test the same script from another machine with
identical software 64 Bits and it works. What can be different in a machine
to crate this issue?? I even yum-erased perl* and reinstalled perl, to no

Thanks in advance

Philip Orleans


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