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#1: Filemaker Server 9 IWP & Windows Internet Information Services

Posted on 2008-04-21 21:06:15 by MD Websunlimited

I would like to publish a Windows FM 9 database using FM Server Advanced's
IWP capability.

I installed the FM Server, then had to install the Windows IIS component,
and finally uploaded my database.

The Server tests run okay and I can log into the console remotely using
http://localhost:16000 and see the open database, but http://localhost:80
displays the Windows Default Web Site "Under Construction" content. I assume
the directory path must be changed using Properties in IIS's Default Web
Site, but I've tried various paths without success.

For example, changing the directory path for the IIS Default Web Site to
c:\Program Files\Filemaker\Filemaker Server\Data\Databases, the location of
my uploaded database, and browsing to http://localhost:80 generates a 403
permissions failure. Nothing will display in the web browser although
Anonymous access is set up. Perhaps this is not the proper directory for
IWP. I've tried several others with the same result.

What is the correct directory path for IWP so that http://localhost will
launch the IPW interface?

Any assistance is appreciated.

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