Get the position in a DataGridView

Get the position in a DataGridView

am 22.04.2008 16:51:01 von RafaelSoteldo

Hi there:

I need to get the position of a given DataRow to navigate directly to it
with a BindingSourceNavigator.

I have a BindingSourceNavigator and several textboxes showing each field of
a given table.

My BindingSource.DataSource is a DataTable, I need to navigate directly to a
row that has a specific value in a field (i.e: "Carl" in DataTable named
"People"), I suppose I should know the rows position in the DataTable, in
order to set the BindingSource.Position and make the textboxes show this
entire row.

But, what if the DataSource is a DataView with filters set, it won't relate
with the position of that row in the actual table, so, what should I do?

Please, help...

Rafael Soteldo