Re: Getting HTTP Service Through Firewalled DSL Modem and Router

Re: Getting HTTP Service Through Firewalled DSL Modem and Router

am 22.04.2008 19:17:13 von bainsrealty

On Mar 24, 4:05=A0pm, Patient Guy wrote:
> I had posted this problem earlier but now have more information.
> Responder D. Stussy in message ID hit the
> nail on the head.
> One of my problems was a DSL modem that runs a firewall and filters ports.=

> Here's what I want to do or here are the facts:
> 1. I have host on a LAN with IP (for example) running an http
> server looking for the usual port 80 packets. =A0I see the
> intro/welcome/index page withhttp://, no
> question about it.
> 2. There is a DSL modem (a Comtrend CT-5071S ADSL2+router) that is
> provided by the ISP (SureWest) that is between the Internet and the device=

> described in #3. =A0It reports a A.B.C.Z address (you probably might see t=
> in the NNTP-Posting-Host header) for the WAN, and this modem has setup a
> network with a 10.202, assigning itself 10.202.y.1 address. =A0It has one
> other node with a 10.202.y.2 address, the device described in #3. =A0Its
> default gateway is A.B.C.Y and DNS server is A.B.C.W.
> 3. There is a Linksys WRT54GS wirelessrouter. =A0Its WAN IP is 10.202.y.2
> with the default gateway being 10.202.y.1. =A0Its own LAN IP is 192.168.1.=
> and will have as many as 16 hosts assigned to it. =A0I have set "Applicati=
> and Gaming" tab to forward port 80 packets in therouterto the designated
> IP within the LAN to the host ( running the web server (for no=
> IIS7).
> 4. I am able to interface to the web administration pages of therouter
> ( username/password) and also to the DSL modem
> (http://10.202.y.1with username/password). =A0I don't have to directly
> connect to the DSL modem...I can do it through therouter. =A0I have change=
> all the default passwords.
> 5. I have attempted to change the firewall to get port 80 packets through
> the DSL modem and therouterto the host described in #1. =A0When I enter
> "http://A.B.C.Z" (described in #2 above), I actually see the web
> administration interface---already logged in and not asking for login
> info---to the DSL modem. =A0Of course, I am asking for port 80 service fro=
mbehindthe modem androuter. =A0If I could an outside entity to ask for
> service so that I could see response from outside that would be better. =
> Manuals for the Comtrend 5071S are not found at Comtrend's website,
> although they have for the 5071T whose wed admin interface is similar in
> some respects. =A0The manual does not really describe more than what is
> evident from just looking at the few words of the interface and trying to
> figure it out.
> The Linksys interface has an interactive help which also gives bare
> descriptions.
> My question is how I set up the DSL modem androuterto make sure they
> forward the port 80 service packets to a web host.
> ===3D
> As to the dynamically assigned IP addresses involved in all this, I will
> worry about this later. =A0Right now, I just want to get port 80 packets
> coming from the wide net (WAN) to find their way to the host apparentlybeh=
indtwo firewalls

Were you able to coonect it? I'm having the same problems. I will try
to run webserver on port 8080 and see if works then, Seems like
surewest is running webserver on port 80 on their webserver.