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#1: Changing the time zone changes the appointment time in calendar

Posted on 2008-04-23 08:50:01 by RichardKirby

I have W Mobile 2003 SE v 4.21 on my O2 xda IIs PDA.
Then I travel to a new time zone I would like to change the time on my PDA
but each time it asks if you want to change the appoinment times wants to
change the appoinment times too.

If you say NO then nothing happens - the time zone does not change - it
just cancels the action.

If you say YES then every appointment in your diary gets moved back or
forward by the time zone difference. This is very frustrating because when
you make an appoinment with someone in a different state you set it ti their
local time. All you need is for the clock and region/time zone to change not
every appoinment.

Is there a way to stop this happening?

The easy answer is to change the clock time but this does not work if you
sync to your laptop as it will change the clock back again during the sync.
The time is relative to the time zone selected on the device.


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