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#1: Active X replacement in VS2003

Posted on 2008-04-23 09:36:26 by cschoenig

Hi there,

pretty stupid and general question of a newbe, but thats wat I want:
I want to make some kind of plug-in which can be used by all kinds of
windows applications like Word and so on. In former years we were using
active X. Now I am sitting at VS2003 under C# and try to do something
similar. I know there must be a way! Can somebody point me out where the
handbook for that is located in the internet or give me the right technology
word so I can search on?

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#2: Re: Active X replacement in VS2003

Posted on 2008-04-23 09:42:29 by Marc Gravell

Well, if you want to use .NET, then you can use "tlbexp" to expose an
assembly as an ActiveX library, having marked which types and members
you want to be visible via [ComVisible(true/false)] etc.

You can control a lot more, but it is a big area; but if you look for
"tlbexp" there will be *lots* of material explaining how to do it...

Note that you can't create an ActiveX server in this way...


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