simple question about borders

simple question about borders

am 23.04.2008 22:52:32 von EricW


I want to place a div or panel on my page that has a text in it which is
also a hyperlink.
So it looks like a button but isn't really.
I don't want to see the button-pressed-state on screen.

The panel I want to have dotted lines around it.

If I use de border part in the stylesheet and look at the page in IE, I see
no dots, but dashes.
Is this a compatibility bug someway?

How can I solve this? I really has to be a dotted rectangle with linktext
inside it and it must be dynamic so I can use it with several different

One way I tried was to put several panels inside each other, using a dot as
repeated background.
One panel for each side and the most outer panel is the container.
If I do it like this, I don't see the dots on the screen.

anyone out there who can help me?