OEM Wireless Mics - Chinese Wireless Mics Manufacturer

OEM Wireless Mics - Chinese Wireless Mics Manufacturer

am 23.04.2008 22:43:56 von blog068

OEM Wireless Mics - Chinese Wireless Mics Manufacturer

Wireless Microphone WebSite Link:

China GuangZhou TianTuo Microphone Manufacturing Co., Ltd WebSite:

Microphone Products are: Wireless Microphones, Conference Microphones,
Headset Microphones, and Lapel Microphones, interview microphones,
wired microphones, musical instrument microphones, drum microphones,
teaching microphones, recording microphones, computer's USB
microphones and microphone accessories and So on.

WCS-999 | WCS-999 Wireless Microphone System | Sony | SonyStyle USA
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System Locate a Dealer Send to a Friend Print this Page Click here and
save on refurbished and clearance products. Model Number: WCS-999
WCS-999 Wireless Microphone System Maximize the audio from your
camcorder and portable audio recorder with the WCS-999 wireless
microphone system. The system features a transmission range up to 150
feet. Return to Previous View Features Specifications WCS-999 Wireless
Microphone System Maximize the audio from your camcorder and portable
audio recorder with the WCS-999 wireless microphone system. The system
features a transmission range up to 150 feet. The WCS-999 wireless
microphone system is for use with video camcorders and portable audio
recorders. The system features a transmission range up to 150 feet,
depending on conditions, and a 900 MHz FM transmission for high-
quality sound. The complete kit includes a lavalier microphone,
transmitter, receiver and monitoring earphone, three channels with a
selector switch for low interference and a compact, lightweight des

ign. Lets you record voices up to 150 feet away depending on
environment and transmission conditions Ideal for video camcorders--
captures the voices of family members on vacation, in sporting events,
at recitals, birthdays and weddings Ideal for Pressman?portable audio
recorders captures lectures and speeches, good for music and nature
study Supplied lavalier microphone is tiny and unobtrusive, clips onto
shirt or tie Built-in windscreen helps reduce the microphone's pickup
of wind noise Electret condenser microphone design for high quality
and http://www.chinese-microphone.com/Wireless-Microphones.html small
size Omni-directional microphone pattern picks up sound from all
directions Pocket-sized wireless transmitter is easy to hide, clips
onto clothing for unobtrusive use Plug-in power for compatible Sony
microphones, no need for separate mic battery Wireless receiver plugs
into camcorder or audio recorder mic input; easily clips onto
clothing, camcorder hand strap or shoulder strap Three transmission
channels enable you to choose another channel if you encounter
interference Monitoring earphone lets you hear what's being recorded;
plugs into wireless receiver Mic mixing lets the camera operator and
the subject both be recorded; requires a second microphone, optional,
such as the Sony ECM-T145 Compact, lightweight design-- the antennas
are built into the transmitter and receiver 900 MHz wide FM
transmission for outstanding sound quality, excellent frequency
response (100 -- 15,000 Hz) and extended dynamic range (more than 78
dB) Switchable transmission channel lets you choose the channel with
clear, noise-free sound Product Specifications Product Warranty Click
here to view Warranty Inf

ormation SYSTEM Yes Range up to 150 feet, depending on environment and
transmission conditions, including obstructions and other RF sources
RF Power 94 dB?V/m at 3 m, complies with the Federal Communications
Commission (FCC) Part 15 Carrier F http://www.chinese-microphone.com/Wireless-Microphones.html
requency 912 -- 915MHz; Channel 1: 912.900MHz; Channel 2: 913.800MHz;
Channel 3: 914.400 MHz Modulation FM Frequency Response 100 --
15,000Hz Dynamic Range More than 78dB Output Level -55.2, ? dBm (0 dBm
= 1 mW/Pa, 1,000Hz) Output Impedance 1 kohm TRANSMITTER Yes Microphone
Directivity Omni-Directional Maximum Sound Pressure Level more than
114dB SPL Microphone Cord Length Approx. 39" (1 meter) Oscillator
Crystal Controlled Signal Processing Compressor Antenna Built-in Power
Requirements DC 1.5V, requires AA battery (not supplied) Battery Life
Approximately 20 hours with Sony Alkaline battery Mic Input Stereo
minijack with plug-in power RECEIVER Yes Oscillator SAW resonator
Signal Processing Expander Monitor Output Level Approx. 2 mW, 16 ohms
Earphone Jack Monaural mini plug Mix Mixing Jack Monaural mini plug
Output Cord Length Approx. 18" (450mm) Output Plug Monaural miniplug
Earphone Cord Length Approx. 18" (45cm) $149.99 Add to Wishlist Site
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