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#1: Get premium rapidshare account + get money

Posted on 2008-04-23 12:05:23 by vanita.nigoo

Getting a premium account in rapidshare for free is not a very
difficult job.So why we spent money on thing which we can get for free
after getting a premium account in rapidshare for free you will have
fun in downloading from rapidshare and if you have good Internet Speed
then rapidshare premium account is heaven for you.

With the following trick you can get a premium rapidshare account for

1) If you don=92t have an account already, register on Alert pay
( ). Its free.

2) Also register on AdBux, also free.

3) Log in AdBux, click =93Browse Ads=94. Click the listed advertisements
and wait until the 30-second counter finishes before closing the
window. Click each Ad ONE AT A TIME. It won=92t work if you just open
all ads at once.You earn money on this site by clicking ads.

4) When you have earned 10 dollars, transfer them to yourby clicking
=93Cashout=94 in your =93Members=94 window.Now you can buy rapidshare premiu=
account.5) Don=92t forget to come back everyday and click more ads to
get more money.

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