PHP files get served, not interpreted.

PHP files get served, not interpreted.

am 23.04.2008 23:35:07 von Matt Fries

I'm trying to get a grasp of apache under opensuse 10.2. Yast seems to
be either wrong, or fighting me. In an attempt to straighten out my
virtual hosts, I uninstalled apache and php and started over with new
config files.

I can finally seem to serve HTML files, but my browser wants to DOWNLOAD
AND SAVE the .php files, instead of the preprocessor using them to
generate HTML. The PHP INFO page works, so I can assume that the
preprocessor is actually running. Also, my web browser can go to other
php sites and it works just fine.

I think there is some config file that got reset or wiped out, and I'm
not sure what it could be. I'm thinking it might have something to do
with the mime types. What should the mime type for a php5 page be?

Is there some other directive that would cause me to try to download or
view a php file instead of running it?

Also, I've nearly given up on Yast. Does anyone suggest a better way of
dealing with apache config files on opensuse 10.2?