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#1: Disappearing Content

Posted on 2008-04-24 19:20:01 by OneLily

I have been using FP for over 8 years, and run a web design company, and have
built over 300 websites using FP. We currently maintain about 200 websites -
so I guess I'm trying to say that under ordinary circumstances I'm pretty
proficient with FrontPage and don't seem to run into any challenges that I
can't figure out.

HOWEVER... I'm completely stumped on something that is happening right now.
I have one site in particular that is causing me problems, We built this site 3 years ago, and have worked in the
site (maintenance) at least once a month every since, and have not had any
problems with the website, until now.

The site is 150 plus pages... and the problem we're having seems to be
consistent, but random, if that makes sense. Meaning it happens often, but
is on random pages. So, let me see if I can explain...

I'll open a page, for example, this page... (but it could be any page,
including the home page). The page has content (some pages also an inline
frame), and it uses a bottom shared border (none of this is new). When I
open the site in FP, I see the full content of the page, the shared border --
but also right above the shared border is a repeat of the border in the main
content area. If I go to code view, suddenly there is nothing there except
the content in the head, then the body tag (w/ some background info set), and
then another body tag (sometimes 3-7 opening body tags, then the closing body
and closing html. If I don't catch this, and publish the website (or that
page), the page is now blank on the web. So before I make changes or publish
that page, I have to copy the content in design mode, come into code view and
remove the extra body tags, then go back to design and paste the content.
Then if I look at code everything is as it should be, and I can upload the
page with no problems.

I can't figure out why it keeps losing my content in code view (although
it's there in design view), why it's giving me extra body tags -- and why
it's so darn random. I can open up the same page 5 times and all is good,
then suddenly the next time it's messed up (even if I've not edited a single

Can someone please help me with this. For a site this large, it's pretty
time consuming to have to rework these pages so often.

Thank you in advance.

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