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#1: Help With Layers

Posted on 2008-04-24 23:53:00 by OneLily

Okay - so I'm trying to put in a layer in front page - I've never used the FP
layers before, and so I've been reading some tutorials to see how to
accomplish this, and I've made much progress already.

However, on the page I'm setting up, I can get the layer almost exactly
where I want it, but it seems to want to put some extra space above it that I
can't quite figure out how to get rid of.

If you look at - you'll see what I"m talking
about. There is a random image that serves as the background in the table
directly below the logo/text table at the top. It's 909 x 150. On top of it
I have put in a layer that is also 909x150 and there is a table inside that
layer that has a blue background w/ text ... " I want to"... with some
options below (which will be clickable when I'm done).

The problem as you'll see is the space that now shows up above that table
and layer - it's 150px tall. The code I have is...

<div style="position: relative; width: 909; height: 150; z-index: 1; left:
0px; top: 150px" id="layer1">

If I change the top:150px then the layer moves up, but the table w/ the
random image stays in that same space.

It's very confuing!!! Please help!

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