am 25.04.2008 00:10:09 von Gosth in the shell

Hi there, i need some help

I got a software to backend is MSSQL 2005, but a provider software
requires an UPDATE on his table with MySQL 5.0.56a backend, so i made
the next:

download and install ODBC MySQL 3.51
configuring system DSN
add a linked server on MSSQL 2005

then i made a stored procedure with a distributed transaction (UPDATE
OPENQUERY)but the query don't respect ANSI_NULLS and ANSI_WARNINGS
(ON), i don't know why send the follow message if i turn on ansi's:

"The heterogean queries require to stablish the options ANSI_NULLS and
ANSI_WARNINGS of the conection.
This ensures a consistent semantic query. Activate these options and
run again consultation."

then i take another way, to make a stored procedure on MySQL and call
it with my first stored procedure on MSSQL, EXEC ('CALL spTest') AT
this message is send back:

The provider OLE DB "MSDASQL" for the linked server "localhost" send
back the message "[MySQL][ODBC 3.51 Driver]Optional feature not

the most weird thing is.. if i made the queries (OPENQUERY and EXEC)
in a new tab of MSSQL commands completed correctly.

I dunno if i new to configure anything else, i hope you can help me
dudes, so greetings