DBIx::Threaded examples

DBIx::Threaded examples

am 24.04.2008 19:21:57 von Jason Lowder


My google searches are coming up short. Would anyone happen to have any
examples of DBIx:Threaded I could look at? The CPAN synopsis is
somewhat clear but I'd like to see how how it has been implemented..

Specifically I'd like to be able to run multiple queries under one
connection. In some cases my server requires specific SQL commands be
executed before running a query. All of these commands and the query
need to be run in the same session to work. I'm not entirely sure how
this would work with DBIx threaded.

Aside from the above, I'm looking to execute multiple queries at once
and continue on with my tests while these are running in the background.
Some I will need the results from, others I won't.

Any links, suggestions, etc. would be appreciated.

I'm running ActiveState Perl 5.10 on a client PC (Windows XP) if it