MyQuery 1.1 alpha available

MyQuery 1.1 alpha available

am 13.08.2008 21:54:26 von Anders Karlsson


To being with, sorry for crossposting, but I felt that there might be an
interest with both the General as well as the Win32 MySQL mailing lists.

This email is just a heads-up that I have now made my MySQL Script tool
available as Open Source. It has been going on and off for quite a
while, but I am now ready to release it in Alpha form.

What this tool is, in short, is a tool for running, checking and fixing
MySQL scripts in a more interactive fashion than what is possible with
the mysql commandprompt. The latter is still faster, no doubt, but
MyQuery has some features for running the scripts that are useful I think.
To being with, is uses the same format as the MySQL commandline tool,
including using the USE and DELIMITER commands, and any of the usual SQL
commands of course.
The added features consists of, but aren't limited to:
- Interactive execution: You see the statements being executed and the
progress is also shown.
- Interactive stop when there is an error, fix the problem, and then
continue to run.
- During development, run up to a specific point in the script.
- Support for INSERT/UPDATE and SELECT of BLOBs using drag and drop.

This is currently a Windows only tool, developed in C for the Win32 API,
so anything else is some time off. As the editor, I currently use the
Rich Edit control, which is hardly optimal for this. Scintilla support
is being considered here.

It is available on Sourceforge at and there is sourcecode or a
complete Windows Installer or the documentation in PDF format. The
latter is included with the Windows installer.

Well, that's it for now, happy programming

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