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#1: MyQuery 2.0

Posted on 2008-08-29 19:35:09 by Anders Karlsson

Again, sorry for cross-posting, but might be of interest to both the
general and win32 mailing lists.

The MyQuery MySQL scripting tool has advanced into version 2.0 and has
turned into a reasonably full-features query tool. Version 2.0
introduces syntax highlightning, search and replace and many other
features. The cool BLOB handling is retained. The editor window is now
based on Scintilla, with a custom MySQL Lexer.

If you need a windows-based Query tool for MySQL, this might be what you
are looking for. Version 2.0 is still in Alpha though, and one major
feature is still missing: proper UTF-8 support. Supporting UTF-8 should
be easier, now that Scintilla is in place, but more work is needed for this.

Download MyQuery 2.0 from Sourceforge here:


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