MyQuery 2.2 Beta Released

MyQuery 2.2 Beta Released

am 14.09.2008 18:26:35 von Anders Karlsson

Again, I am crossposting, but noone has complained so far...

MyQuery 2.2 is now released. This is a release with two major features
and a few bugfixes and fixes.
- Major feature: Lockable resultsets. This allows you to save a
resultset for future use in the sam esession, without saving to file.
Try it and you see what I mean.
- Major feature: Bookmarks. These are references to local files on your
computer that you want quick access to. Bookmarks may be organized in
folders and has a quick access system. Similar to what we are used at
with Web Browsers.
- Installer fix for the "Run MyQuery" checkbox.
- Fix for "Show innodb status" with MySQL 5.1
- A few minor fixes.
- Fixed a few typos and omissions in the manual.

All in all, MyQuery is now getting to where I wanted it to be. There are
still things missing, mostly UNICODE support, but except for that, this
project is now pretty complete. I have a few additions in handling
scripts that I want to do, as well as features for running a script
without loading it in the editor, which should be very useful. I have an
idea even on how to allow running and editing of very large scripts that
will not fit in memory at all. But this has to wait til an upcoming
release, as well as Online help.

Download My┬┤Query 2.2 from

Happy SQL-ing!

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