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#1: MyQuery 2.3 Beta available for download

Posted on 2008-10-05 18:26:32 by Anders Karlsson

Sorry for crossposting, but I think this is relevant both th general
MySQL and specifically to Win32 users.

MyQuery 2.3 has a lot of new features, a few bugfixes and some other
* Output and sparse_output commands - The commands will output selected
data to a file. The latter is a way to output ONLY what you select, no
column headers, no summaries, ni fillers etc. only the data. This is
useful when using the next new feature.
* Source commands - This is a means of running another script from
inside a script.
* A better, more structured settings dialog using tabs.
* Better handling of locked results, and a means of "auto-locking"
results, so that where there are more than on result, these will show up
in multiple tabs.
* Lock / unlock of result tabs using right-click on the tabs.
* Fixed a bug in the login dialog that caused the database list to work
if there was an initial, unsuccessful attempt to connect.

Dowload from

Using the SPARSE_OUTPUT_FILE and SOURCE commands to write SQL that in
turn generates SQL and then ruun this is a powerful feature. This
particular feature is though rather complex to implement, more so than
one might think, so input in this area is highly valued.


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