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#1: MyQuery 2.3.2 released

Posted on 2008-11-06 13:02:56 by Anders Karlsson

MyQuery 2.3.2 is released, and this contains a rather small bugfix that
could cause a crash in many situations if there were no registry
settings defined. This was for some reasons particularily apparent when
not running with administrator privileges.

If you tested MyQuery 2.3.1 and had not had MyQuery installed before,
this might have happened to you. The effect was that the application
would crash at startup. This release fixees that issue, which was a
small fix to a small problem that had rather ill effects I'm afraid.
Sorry for that to anyone using MyQuery, and I hope you give it another
chance now, there are some cool features in this Query tool.

Available for download at:

Best regards

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/ |/ /_ __/ __/ __ \/ / Anders Karlsson (
/ /|_/ / // /\ \/ /_/ / /__ MySQL AB, Sales Engineer
/_/ /_/\_, /___/\___\_\___/ Stockholm
<___/ Cellphone: +46 708 608121
Skype: drdatabase

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