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#1: MyQuery 3.0 Alpha available now

Posted on 2009-07-30 12:17:19 by Anders Karlsson

Sorry for crossposting, but I felt this might be of intrerest to both lists.

MyQuery 3.0 is an interactive Windows GUI based query tool for MySQL.
Among the features are>
- Support running scripts from a position, up to a position of just a
single query in the script, allowing you to run up to some error,
correct the error, and then continue running the script.
- Color syntax highlightning by the Scintilla editor control.
- Support for script history.
- Common files mat be organized in a sepcial "Bookmarks" menu.
- Draging of binary data files into the editor.
- Saving of dinary content from results.
- Multiple resultsets support, and results may also be "saved" and not
be overwritten.

MyQuery 3.0 introduces a bunch of new features, among them:
- Multiple editor tabs, allowing editing of several scripts at the time.
- Dual connections to the database, to have a separate "controlling" thread.
- Several status monitors, showing GLOBAL and SESSION status,
PROCESSLIST and statements.
- STATUS list values can displayed / not displayed on a value by value
basis, or filtered.
- PROCESSLIST data may be sorted.
- Status monitors are non-modal.
- Dictionary view for tables and routines, again non-modal.
- Pasting of CREATE statement from the dictionary views to the editor.

MySQL 3.0 is currently Alpha, as some testing still remains, and as it
is not yet feature complete. A few more dictionary views and possibly
drag-and-drop support for these, as well as some Wizards is among what
is planned.

MyQuery is GPL and may be downloaded from Sourceforge here:

Best regards

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/ /|_/ / // /\ \/ /_/ / /__ MySQL AB, Sales Engineer
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