CNet NIC (r8169.o) causes lockup?

CNet NIC (r8169.o) causes lockup?

am 10.01.2010 14:05:24 von Cyntrox

Hello, I am using a CNet ProG-2000s NIC and a kernel.

I apologize if this is not the right place to post this, but it seems
to be related to the kernel - and I had nowhere else to turn to.

Everything works fine as long as I don't insmod r8169, and when I do
it will work for a minute or so. Then I will no longer be able to ping
that card.

After another couple of minute, the server will stop responding
entirely. I have no idea what happens, everything just freezes up. The
only abnormal thing I can see is that /proc/interrupts will always say
that I have 0 NMI's until the card goes down, then it always increases
to 1.

Sometimes I can get it back by doing the following:

ifconfig eth1 down
rmmod 8169
insmod 8169
ifconfig eth1 up

But even then it only works for maybe 10-20 seconds.

My system is based on BasicLinux, but I have compiled the kernel
myself. The .config file can be found at
Any help would be appreciated.
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