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#1: xorg with GSSAPI

Posted on 2010-03-16 23:25:48 by Yuri Csapo

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OK, let's see if the list still lives up to my memories of it:

How can I use Kerberos to authenticate X Window sessions?

I mean, I know I can move the xauth cookie around like this:

ycsapo@sampa # ssh -Y light
ycsapo@light # xauth list
light.Mines.EDU/unix:10 MIT-MAGIC-COOKIE-1 (lots of hex gibberish)
ycsapo@light # sudo su - oracle
LDAP Password:
oracle@light # xauth add light.Mines.EDU/unix:10 MIT-MAGIC-COOKIE-1 (lots of hex gibberish)
xauth: creating new authority file /u/pa/ci/oracle/.Xauthority

And now I can run the Oracle installer on the headless VM light and have its GUI show under X on my
Mac, through sudo and ssh encryption.

Although this works well, I don't feel comfortable telling users to do this. And frankly the whole
copy-and-paste thing is not very elegant, not to mention it's not too safe.

I have read enough about this to know there should be some way to use Kerberos authentication as
opposed to the infamous MIT MAGIC COOKIE. xOrg is supposed to allow a MIT-KERBEROS-5 mechanism and I
read somewhere they were implementing this through the GSSAPI.

Does anybody know anything about this who could point me to a howto or any form of documentation?
The way I envision this (well, fantasize might be a better word) is, as long as the user as whom I'm
running the application has the correct Kerberos ticket, things should work. something like:

ycsapo@sampa # kinit
Please enter the password for ycsapo@MINES.EDU:
ycsapo@sampa # ssh -Y light
ycsapo@light # sudo su - oracle
LDAP Password:
oracle@light # kinit ycsapo
Password for ycsapo@MINES.EDU:
oracle@light # xclock

And I should be able to run xclock on the remote host light but have it display on my local box,
sampa, as simple as that.



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