linux process stack

linux process stack

am 15.05.2010 11:54:02 von ratheesh k

From: ratheesh k
Date: Sat, 15 May 2010 14:41:09 +0530
Subject: linux process stack

All ,

I am beginner . Please see below my dobts

1. All process and kenel thread has their own task_struct structure
and kernel mode stack . Kernel itself maintain its own stack .

2 .Whenever a process ,say A , switch to kernel ( on system call )
,registers will be stored in its own kernel mode stack ?

3 . On interrupt , process A 's process context will be saved on
process A 's own kernel mode stack ?c

4 .Kernel thread will also use its own kenel mode stack on interrupt ?

5 .Where is the SP ( stack pointer ) is saved ? How it it retrieved back ?

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