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#1: sshfs -o workaround=rename problem

Posted on 2010-05-28 16:59:13 by Marcin


I have two Debian Lenny servers (let say 'host' and 'client'). I want
them to share one directory which is on host so this directory is
visible on the client server like any other directory. So I mounted
this directory on client.

sshfs -o workaround=rename -o nonempty -o
root@myhostserver:/home/shareddir /home/shareddir

Everything looks ok. Renaming files goes ok when I'm logged client and
renaming files when I'm using mc on client server. But when I'm logged
on client server via WinSCP, via gnome graphical programs from Ubuntu
or something other like WinSCP on Mac I get error like (WinSCP

"The server does not support the operation.
Error code: 8
Error message from server: Operation unsupported
Request code: 18"

It is irritating when I want to copy file to this directory using
client server and I get this error or something like that and file
with "filepart" extension. I know that everything goes fine on Gentoo.
I guessing that there is something with standard configuration of ssh
but I'm not sure. I hope I'm clear enough. If anyone can help me I'll
be thankful cause I can't find solution on my own. :-)

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