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#1: Timing-Problems with udev

Posted on 2010-08-13 08:45:54 by Christoph Pleger


often, I have timing-problems with udev. This means that when booting
from special devices (USB-Stick, CD, ISO-Image) some of the nodes
in /dev are created when booting the one time, but are not created when
booting the other time.

For example, on the same machine, when booting from hard disk, the
device nodes for the sound hardware (e.g. /dev/dsp) are always created,
but when booting from an USB-Stick, sometimes they are not.

Or when I create an image for a bootable CD, burn the image on CD and
boot from the CD, /dev/cdrom is mounted correctly as my root
filesystem, but when I use the ISO-Image to boot a virtual
machine, /dev/cdrom cannot be mounted because the link from /dev/cdrom
to the real device node in /dev does not exist. In both cases, on the
real machine and on the virtual machine, the CD-Device is connected as
master to the secondary IDE-Port.

What can I do to avoid these timing problems?

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