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#1: Confusing reg between relation between CPU governor and cpuspeed service

Posted on 2010-09-27 11:16:39 by askzaman askzaman

Hi All ,

I am confused regarding the relation of CPU governors and cpuspeed.
Need clarification on the following queries.

1) Is it necessary that cpuspeed daemon should be running only when
the CPU governor is set to userspace or it should be running
irrespective of the CPU governor whether it is 'userspace' or
'ondemand' or any other.

2) How do I know whether my CPU supports CPU scaling . Is a scaling
of '1' means that the CPU does not support scaling and a value of 1
greater than 1 supports CPU scaling .

-bash-3.00$ grep -i stepping /proc/cpuinfo
stepping : 1
stepping : 1
stepping : 1
stepping : 1

3) We should run cpuspeed only the CPU supports frequency scaling .

I have further questions which I will add it here after getting
clarification on the above queries . Any help will be highly
apprecitated .

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