Centralla managing a collection of apache hosts.

Centralla managing a collection of apache hosts.

am 23.09.2010 13:27:59 von Krist van Besien

Hello all,

My current POE uses the ZEUS Webserver quite extensively. Zeus has
some advantages from the point of veiw of daily management, but is not
We are about to implement a new CMS system that depends heavily on a
custom module that the supplier can provide in an apache compatible
form, or an IIS compatible form. This would replace an existing system
that runs on the ZEUS platform.

The problem I now have is that our department head is not that happy
to replace Zeus with Apache. The argument is that he considers Zeus to
have suerpior management features. To a certain extent he has a point,
as with ZEus you have on single Web Gui where you can change
configuration settings, that then get deployed to a whole cluster of
servers. Zeus is also has a very good updating mechanism.
So currently he is demanding that the new CMS project delivers a
comparable management solution for managing Apache if it wants us to
consider deploying the new Apache based CMS. I'm currently a bit
affraid that in the end we will get IIS forced upon us in stead.

So my question: Does there exist a good management application for
Apache, free or commercial that will give us:
- A Web GUI to make changes to the config.
- A deployment mechanism so that changes only have to be made once,
and are then deployed to x Servers.
Free would be nice, but commercial would be acceptable too. For people
familiar with the Zeus Webserver: How do I get the same operational
comfort with Apache?

Thanks in advance,


Bremgarten b. Bern, Switzerland
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