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#1: Re: Re: SEO Experts?

Posted on 2010-10-07 19:44:25 by zareef

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A good thread and really good answers/posts are coming but in my humble
opinion this topic does not suit php-general list or atleast we should focus
on the points where php can play a role :)

On M, buton, Sep 27, 2010 at 12:54 PM, <> wrote:

> > On 9/26/2010 8:09 AM, David Mehler wrote:
> >> Hello,
> >> Do we have any SEO experts on this list? I'm not one, learning only,
> >> reading a book and a few articles/tutorials from webmasters, and I'm
> >> wanting to optimize an existing site to get the best search rank
> >> possible. Some techniques, dos and don'ts would be appreciated.
> >> Thanks.
> >> Dave.
> Sure, it's what I do.
> Well first you need to work out which keyphrases to optimise for, and
> that's not obvious. Search Google for "keyword tool external" to find a
> Google tool that tells you something about the demand for a phrase and the
> competition for it.
> What you are trying to find are phrases that a) are very very relevant to
> your client, b) have lots of demand traffic, and c) don't have too much
> competition.
> The other thing to check is whether anyone else is making money at your
> selected phrases, so search for them in Google and see if people are
> advertising.
> Then group your phrases: so "wet dog" becomes a keyphrase group that
> includes phrases like "getting rid of wet dog smell", "avoiding wet dog
> shake" and so on.
> You are building a site to satisfy the keyphrase groups you've identified,
> so then one way or another you want a "wet dog" page that's optimised for
> that phrase, which means you mention "wet dog" a few times especially in
> the headline and page title and don't mention lots of other things.
> Then you want some links from other people's pages, Twitter, Delicious,
> YouTube and so on to your wet dog page, preferably text links that include
> the phrase "wet dog".
> Then you watch your Analytics data to check that people who arrive on your
> site are satisfied and covert into sales (or signups or whatever you are
> doing). If not, you run a Google Website Optimizer test to improve things
> like your headline, photos and so on.
> If you like, run through and fill in the
> form where you get stuck. It's obviously a work in progress :-) and I'll
> complete the page that you end up at.
> By all means email me the website and I can be more specific.
> Good luck :-)
> Cheers
> J
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Zareef Ahmed


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