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#1: Few records return from ODBC connection of MySQL

Posted on 2011-03-01 07:04:04 by baris pelin

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Hello there,

I am not sure if this right email address for asking this problem but
sending anyway.

I have downloaded ODBC driver two days ago and I'm now able to access to our
database. However I just can pull several lines from each table, not the
full table! This is strange. Any reason for this? (Client PC: Access 2007 on
Win7 system, db backed by wordpress)

For instance in one particular table I have almost 2000 records but odbc
connection is just getting 343 records, no difference whether the table is
imported or linked, whether it's excel or access.

This is the same across all tables, always getting some part of it.

Can you pls advise if there is any limitation somewhere that is likely
causing this problem? I've done odbc connection to many platforms but I
haven't came across with this problem before.

Thanks for your help.




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