Centura 1.5.1: moving from ODBC 8 to 9, some trouble

Centura 1.5.1: moving from ODBC 8 to 9, some trouble

am 16.03.2011 10:20:15 von Marco Gaiarin

In our organization we have some old apps written in Gupta Centura (AKA
Team Developer 1.5.1):

We use extensively this RAD with Postgers database, using the odbc
driver as a glue.

I've deployed an upgrade of the ODBC driver from 8.XX to 9.XX, and
suddenly these apps stop working, doing strange things.

I'm currently using driver version 09.00.0200, and a simple query like:

Call SqlPrepareAndExecute(hsql,'select sum(dare),sum(avere) into :daren,:a=
veren from tmp_articoli')

return errors like:

select sum(dare),sum(avere) into :daren,:averen from tmp_articoli
Attempt to fetch non-numeric data into numeric column
Reason: One of the application's sqlssb function calls set up a fetch
buffer that is defined as numeric but the data that was fetched
cannot be converted to a numeric value.

postgres (DB) version are 8.3.14 (debian lenny); table schema:

registra27=3D# \d tmp_articoli
Tabella "public.tmp_articoli"
Colonna | Tipo | Modificatori=20
narticolo | integer |=20
sede_art | integer |=20
conto_art | character(12) |=20
attiv_art | integer |=20
data_art | date |=20
tipo | character(1) |=20
conto | character(8) |=20
descr | character(250) |=20
dare | numeric(15,2) |=20
avere | numeric(15,2) |=20
sede | integer |=20
attiv | integer |=20
cdc | character(6) |=20
tipo_prot | character(2) |=20
protocollo | integer |=20
rw | integer |=20

What changed between odbc driver 8 and 9? Thanks.

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