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#1: Need Help with PHP Mails

Posted on 2011-04-04 14:21:18 by nagendra802000

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Hi All,

I have this HTML form

<style type=3D"text/css">
..style14 {font-size: 24px
..style14 {font-size: 12px}
<table width=3D"788" border=3D"0" align=3D"center">
<td width=3D"1023"><form method=3D"post" action=3D"">
<table width=3D"648" height=3D"133" border=3D"0" align=3D"center"
cellpadding=3D"0" cellspacing=3D"0" bordercolor=3D"#000000">
<td width=3D"132" height=3D"44" valign=3D"middle"><div
align=3D"right"><strong>Your Name</strong></div></td>
<td width=3D"491" valign=3D"middle"><input name=3D"party_name"
type=3D"text" size=3D"50" /></td>
<td valign=3D"middle"><div align=3D"right"><strong>Contact
<td height=3D"38" valign=3D"middle"><p align=3D"left">
<input name=3D"contact_nos" type=3D"text" size=3D"50" />
<span class=3D"style14">(please specify STD code)</span></p></t=
<td valign=3D"middle"><div
align=3D"right"><strong>Email</strong><strong> </strong></div></td>
<td height=3D"33" valign=3D"middle"><input name=3D"email" type=3D=
size=3D"50" /></td>
<p align=3D"center">
<input type=3D"submit" value=3D"submit" name=3D"submit">

____________________________________________________________ _______________=

What I want is when the user click on the submit button the data from this
form should directly comes to my email. I tried mail function but not
working for me. I just need these 3 fields in my mail. Please help me with



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