Re: Re: [PHP] Which versions of Apache will PHP 5.3.6 work with??

Re: Re: [PHP] Which versions of Apache will PHP 5.3.6 work with??

am 04.04.2011 23:27:53 von Ferenc Kovacs

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On Mon, Apr 4, 2011 at 10:10 PM, Logan L wrote:

> Using PHP via FastCGI is how you use PHP with IIS. I haven't seen it used
> much with Apache via this method. I wonder what the benefits and drawbacks
> are. Will have to google on this subject.
> Also I would like to 'ask the audience' on the difficulty of building your
> own Apache binaries. It is not something that I have done before. At work
> we
> have Visual Studio 2008 and 2010. It is my understanding that the VC9
> binaries must be built with 2008.
> From a security perspective, using the ApacheLounge binaries is not an
> option for us. It is too dependent on one person whom is not directly
> associated with the ASF.
> The only other possible option that I thought of was to use Zend Server.
> Although I am not totally sure about this, I need to follow up with the
> technical lead for that project.
> -Logan
Using fastcgi with apache isn't rocket science either:
with fastcgi you can run your workers under a given user account, you can
use per vhost php.ini, and so fort, general fastcgi/php rules apply.

for the VC9 build howto see (I'm
not 100% sure, that it's up-to-date)

some info from the ASF guys on the topic:

William A. Rowe Jr builds the official windows apache binaries, and he is
fine/endorses the apachelounge builds:!/wrowe/statuses/32125486473678849!/wrowe/statuses/32141366133788672!/wrowe/statuses/32141531892682752

btw. Tom Donovan is part of both of the ASF ( and the apacheloung ( 33) so I think
that it is as close to the official builds as you can get.
it would be a good thing if the soon coming up apache 2.4 would come with a
greater variety of windows builds, but it seems that it will skip VC9(if
Rowe won't drop the windows builds entirely), so I think the official
windows build would be incompatible with the php project on the short/mid

fortunately I'm fine with the apachelounge builds.