== Wöchentlicher PostgreSQL Newsletter - 22. Mai 2011 ==

== Wöchentlicher PostgreSQL Newsletter - 22. Mai 2011 ==

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== Wöchentlicher PostgreSQL Newsletter - 22. Mai 2011 ==

Das erste Commitfest der 9.2 Runde wird am 15. Juni 2011 starten,
aber du musst nicht so lange warten, um Patches zu reviewen.

PostgreSQL Magazin #00 ist erschienen. Du kannst es herunterladen,
online anschauen oder eine gedruckte Ausgabe unter http://pgmag.org/
Und vergiss nicht, dein Feedback zu schicken:
feedback at contact AT pgmag DOT org

Postgres Open 2011, eine Konferenz die sich auf den Umbruch der
Datenbankindustrie durch PostgreSQL konzentriert, wird vom 14. bis 16.
September 2011 in Chicago, Illinois im Westin Michigan Avenue
Hotel stattfinden.

== PostgreSQL Produkt Neuigkeiten ==

Pyrseas 0.2.0, ein Versionskontrollwerkzeug für PostgreSQL,
ist auf PGXN erschienen.

pg_matlab, ein Modul welches das Ausführen von MATLAB Code
in PostgreSQL erlaubt, ist erschienen.
http://www.cybertec.at/en/postgresql_products/pg_matlab-matl ab-postgresql-i=

== PostgreSQL Jobs im Mai ==

http://archives.postgresql.org/pgsql-jobs/2011-05/threads.ph p

== PostgreSQL Lokal ==

PG Session 2 über PostGIS findet am 23. Juni in Paris statt.
Das Programm ist verfügbar unter:

CHAR(11), die PostgreSQL Konferenz für Clustering, Hochverfügbark=
und Replikation hat jetzt die Registrierung eröffnet.
Die Konferenz findet am 11. und 12. Juli 2011 in Cambridge, UK statt.

PostgreSQL Conference China 2011 findet in Guangzhou am
15. und 16. Juli 2011 statt.

PDXPUG hostet PgDay am Sonntag, dem 24. Juli 2011, einen Tag
vor der OSCON in Portland, Oregon, USA. Details hier:

PostgreSQL Conference West (#PgWest) findet vom 27. bis 30. September
2011 im San Jose Convention Center in Jan Jose, Kalifornen, USA statt.

PostgreSQL Conference Europe 2011 findet vom 18. bis
21. Oktober in Amsterdam statt.

pgbr findet in Sao Paulo, Brazilien, am 3. und 4. November 2011 statt.

== PostgreSQL in den News ==

Planet PostgreSQL: http://planet.postgresql.org/

Dieser wöchentliche PostgreSQL Newsletter wurde erstellt von David Fet=

Sende Neuigkeiten und Ankündigungen bis Sonntag, 15 Uhr Pazifischer
Zeit. Bitte sende englische Beiträge an david@fetter.org, deutsche an
pwn@pgug.de, italienische an pwn@itpug.org, spanische an pwn@arpug.com.ar.

== Reviews ==

== Angewandte Patches ==

Andrew Dunstan pushed:

- Add required psqldir setting for isolation checks.
http://git.postgresql.org/pg/commitdiff/df15d11cb596fa69d7ff b27cf0b7b070c03=

- Quote isolationtester command name so Windows will not think dot is
the command.
http://git.postgresql.org/pg/commitdiff/78b66cff72d6f337a685 355f7ccede1c518=

- Use the right psql for isolation tests.
http://git.postgresql.org/pg/commitdiff/b08ddf8c761cd596c466 4dde1125f38a875=

- Remove spurious underscore in name of isolation tester on MSVC.
http://git.postgresql.org/pg/commitdiff/a9b6519606a4a95ae805 2f8414841d02bcf=

Bruce Momjian pushed:

- Allow pg_upgrade to honor libpq environment variables. Add 'local'
checks for PGHOST and PGHOSTADDR.
http://git.postgresql.org/pg/commitdiff/6c19bd96bc5139fabace 94c5a0a5624fd9d=

- Add pg_upgrade check to make sure the user has full access
permission in the current directory; if not, throw an error.
http://git.postgresql.org/pg/commitdiff/bda27e502fe9a3e9c54f 065e4bc1315c3f2=

- Remove redundant privilege doc sentences.
http://git.postgresql.org/pg/commitdiff/8a849cdee4dff3406a40 5e83e9504ebc52b=

- Update pg_upgrade directory check error message.
http://git.postgresql.org/pg/commitdiff/e728701fb496ace7fa21 fcce5c0ef7fc4c0=

- Fix pg_upgrade build problem on Windows when using X_OK access
permission check on the current directory.
http://git.postgresql.org/pg/commitdiff/6fbf4e0e7c0839c33ed2 d63f3c64abdc049=

- Improve pg_upgrade X_OK comment.
http://git.postgresql.org/pg/commitdiff/92ff91501846bd0343ee a726d9ca83464cd=

- Improve pg_upgrade error reporting if the bin or data directories do
not exist or are not directories.
http://git.postgresql.org/pg/commitdiff/772a5f1e5b343d07e907 ef7f36fa36d190d=

- In pg_upgrade, clean up handling of invalid directory specification
by checking the stat() errno value more strictly.
http://git.postgresql.org/pg/commitdiff/1f35944607f1ede7dbb1 dc3283d955b96f0=

Tom Lane pushed:

- Fix pg_dump's handling of extension-member casts and languages.
pg_dump has some heuristic rules for whether to dump casts and
procedural languages, since it's not all that easy to distinguish
built-in ones from user-defined ones. However, we should not apply
those rules to objects that belong to an extension, but just use the
perfectly well-defined rules for what to do with extension member
objects. Otherwise we might mistakenly lose extension member
objects during a binary upgrade (which is the only time that we'd
want to dump extension members).
http://git.postgresql.org/pg/commitdiff/b3bc63efbc258874b065 86aa7548fce37f3=

- Make plpgsql provide the typmods for its variables to the main
parser. Historically we didn't do this, even though we had the
information, because plpgsql passed its Params via SPI APIs that
only include type OIDs not typmods. Now that plpgsql uses parser
callbacks to create Params, it's easy to insert the right typmod.
This should generally result in lower surprise factors, because a
plpgsql variable that is declared with a typmod will now work more
like a table column with the same typmod. In particular it's the
"right" way to fix bug #6020, in which plpgsql's attempt to return
an anonymous record type is defeated by stricter record-type
matching checks that were added in 9.0. However, it's not
impossible that this could result in subtle behavioral changes that
could break somebody's existing plpgsql code, so I'm afraid to
back-patch this change into released branches. In those branches
we'll have to lobotomize the record-type checks instead.
http://git.postgresql.org/pg/commitdiff/219dfae4e1b0ca7cbc0b 2f0f7740e016579=

Peter Eisentraut pushed:

- /contrib/foo -> contrib/foo Since contrib is a relative directory
specification, a leading slash is inappropriate.
http://git.postgresql.org/pg/commitdiff/0ee391b77a8aef3835a3 9ecc4856a9ab799=

- Spell checking and markup refinement
http://git.postgresql.org/pg/commitdiff/c13dc6402b6e99af9a8b 7794e44d62deeca=

- Remove obsolete comment
http://git.postgresql.org/pg/commitdiff/4a6a5c86db7362993a13 b32bb0c02c956d9=

- Consistent spacing for lengthy error messages. Also, we removed the
display of the current value of max_connections/MaxBackends from
some messages earlier, because it was confusing, so do that in the
remaining one as well.
http://git.postgresql.org/pg/commitdiff/bb46d42859f62d5fbe8a 8b55690643cba65=

- Rename pg_dump --no-security-label to --no-security-labels Other
similar options also use the plural form.
http://git.postgresql.org/pg/commitdiff/c8e0c321194c985a13e7 c7e4d3110ac0325=

- Fix untranslatable assembly of libpq connection failure message.
Even though this only affects the insertion of a parenthesized word,
it's unwise to assume that parentheses can pass through
untranslated. And in any case, the new version is clearer in the
code and for translators.
http://git.postgresql.org/pg/commitdiff/fcd4575905608a6dd086 8bd6ab99f3e06a7=

- Update config.guess and config.sub
http://git.postgresql.org/pg/commitdiff/8d8954938094744ef4ca b9d6f45f8e9e8ab=

- Message style improvements
http://git.postgresql.org/pg/commitdiff/bcf63a51e3dbf7cdb70a f03ed13e6984dee=

- Message improvement
http://git.postgresql.org/pg/commitdiff/8932e2810034c43daa07 c6da914a4c5ba46=

- Clarify the documentation of the --with-ossp-uuid option
http://git.postgresql.org/pg/commitdiff/51ad1784ccf9c2a72238 a50a314771e3472=

- Put documentation of backslash commands back in alphabetical order
http://git.postgresql.org/pg/commitdiff/7920d033d8b580f00ede 0628ee0b1c3a3f3=

- Message style improvements
http://git.postgresql.org/pg/commitdiff/fae625e7b9824ec64f77 0904108089ff4fb=

- Put lists in sensible order
http://git.postgresql.org/pg/commitdiff/60497722ac6d69d8ff82 fe328b0a128e734=

Heikki Linnakangas pushed:

- Replace strdup() with pstrdup(), to avoid leaking memory. It's been
like this since the seg module was introduced, so backpatch to 8.2
which is the oldest supported version.
http://git.postgresql.org/pg/commitdiff/ea896da394cbb0fb32a4 b41065ea04b81c4=

- In binary-upgrade mode, dump dropped attributes of composite types.
Noah Misch
http://git.postgresql.org/pg/commitdiff/27c7875d95cf629e3f34 4ba91d1f8a1a936=

- Reset per-tuple memory context between every row in a scan node,
even when there's no quals or projections. Currently this only
matters for foreign scans, as none of the other scan nodes litter
the per-tuple memory context when there's no quals or projections.
http://git.postgresql.org/pg/commitdiff/0319da638f337cae66a4 649581dc1f33d50=

- Pull up isReset flag from AllocSetContext to MemoryContext struct.
This avoids the overhead of one function call when calling
MemoryContextReset(), and it seems like the isReset optimization
would be applicable to any new memory context we might invent in the
future anyway. This buys back the overhead I just added in previous
patch to always call MemoryContextReset() in ExecScan, even when
there's no quals or projections.
http://git.postgresql.org/pg/commitdiff/30e98a7e6e4869a7d6b3 748ac9770bb8d69=

Alvaro Herrera pushed:

- Fix declaration of $_TD in "strict" trigger functions. This was
broken in commit ef19dc6d39dd2490ff61489da55d95d6941140bf by the
Bunce/Hunsaker/Dunstan team, which moved the declaration from
plperl_create_sub to plperl_call_perl_trigger_func. This doesn't
actually work because the validator code would not find the variable
declared; and even if you manage to get past the validator, it still
doesn't work because get_sv("_TD", GV_ADD) doesn't have the expected
effect. The only reason this got beyond testing is that it only
fails in strict mode. We need to declare it as a global just like
%_SHARED; it is simpler than trying to actually do what the patch
initially intended, and is said to have the same performance
benefit. As a more serious issue, fix $_TD not being properly
local()ized, meaning nested trigger functions would clobber $_TD.
Alex Hunsaker, per test report from Greg Mullane
http://git.postgresql.org/pg/commitdiff/6b449d9051651d3accfd ce73e21cfd5e3d0=

Robert Haas pushed:

- Fix race condition in CheckTargetForConflictsIn. Dan Ports
http://git.postgresql.org/pg/commitdiff/74aaa2136d13d613ffce a3171781d2e0c65=

Magnus Hagander pushed:

- Add example for replication in pg_hba.conf. Selena Deckelmann
http://git.postgresql.org/pg/commitdiff/a937b07121d8ab51ba6f b44618254ec13cd=

== Abgelehnte Patches (bis jetzt) ==

No one was disappointed this week :-)

== Eingesandte Patches ==

Jaime Casanova sent in another revision of the patch to add a new

Greg Smith sent in another revision of the patch to analyze cache.

Leonardo Francalanci sent in two revisions of a patch to reduce the
size of xl_xact_commit.

Greg Smith sent in a patch to move some debugging/rescue contrib
modules into core.

Dean Rasheed sent in two revisions of a patch to enable support for
hashing arrays.

Josh Kupershmidt sent in a patch to add a constraint names to the \dd
(show descriptions) in psql.

Selena Deckelmann sent in three revisions of a patch to document
replication setup in pg_hba.conf.

Gregory Stark sent in a patch to add an option to psql's \dt which
sorts columns alphabetically.

Gurjeet Singh sent in another revision of the patch to add \ir
(include relative) to psql.

Robert Haas sent in a patch to drastically slim down the parser in
order to test the effect on query speed.

Fabien Coelho sent in a patch which adds AS EXPLICIT to CREATE CAST.

Noah Misch sent in another patch to fix some infelicities in array

Pavel Stehule sent in a WIP patch implementing an enhanced GET
DIAGNOSTICS statement in PL/pgsql.

KaiGai Kohei sent in a patch adding relking handling to foreign tables
in the sepgsql context.

Andreas 'ads' Scherbaum
Deutsche PostgreSQL User Group: http://www.pgug.de/
DPWN: http://andreas.scherbaum.la/blog/categories/18-PWN

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* Andreas 'ads' Scherbaum schrieb:

> PostgreSQL Magazin #00 ist erschienen. Du kannst es herunterladen,
> online anschauen oder eine gedruckte Ausgabe unter http://pgmag.org/
> kaufen.

"##00" ... erinnert mich an ein altes Comic aus der FA (Funkamateuer) ...

00 - bitte hier Kot eingeben ;-)

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