Fetch Sizes and Blocks

Fetch Sizes and Blocks

am 16.06.2011 23:07:59 von Ramesh Reddy


I have been trying to read the code and understand how the results
fetching works in ODBC. It looks like by default, all tuples are
pre-fetched before they are returned to the client. Unless if you


then it will use cursors to fetch 1000 rows at a time.

My question is at network layer, does the driver fetch individual row at
a time from server (for pre-fetch or cursor), or does it use some kind
"bulk" fetch so that it minimizes the network traffic? I also did not
see "Fetch" value coming across as connection string at server side,
when it is set.

PS: we wrote a PG wire protocol over http://teiid.org and want improve
the performance.

Thank you.


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